Primark Outfit of the Day

Primark Outfit of the Day

Originally published on 20th November 2016

Another autumnal outfit post, but this time with a bit of a twist… a focus on a brand I think we all know and love… PRIMARK!  Primark is an excellent shop for getting on trend and affordable items of clothing (and even homeware).  For today’s post I decided to throw together an outfit, almost entirely, from my local Primark.

I honestly have absolutely no idea where my tights are from originally, and my boots are from New Look [similar].  However, the striped long-sleeve top, the burgundy denim skirt and the ginormous blanket scarf is all from Primark (and all at really affordable prices).  I love wearing stripes, It is very rare that I go clothes shopping and return without a striped top.  I can’t quite remember how much the striped top actually was but I’m guessing it was no more than £3/4 and being completely honest I probably own enough variations of this top to be able to set up a little store of my own.

The scarf was bought way back in 2014 and I think was about £5, there are however numerous other blanket scarves available in Primark at the minute that are almost identical.  I wear this scarf a lot during the winter as it is so big, cosy and just well the perfect choice on a rather chilly day.  Finally, the burgundy denim skirt was £8 and buttons up at the front with silver fastenings.  The skirt is extremely soft and comfortable to wear – I can see it getting a lot of use over the next few months…

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