Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review

Originally published on 25th November 2016

I recently browsed and decided to make a (not so little) splurge!  And in the end I chose four Matte Singles as I’m not a huge fan of using lip liner and so didn’t really see the point in buying something I knew I wouldn’t use.  I think the addition of being able to buy the products as singles is brilliant, it allows for those of us who, like me, don’t use lip liner and just want to try the lipstick OR if you want to make a repurchase of one of your favourite shades.  I purchased these lipsticks on the 31st October (therefore qualifying for a free Metal Matte Lipstick in the shade KYMAJESTY) and I also got free shipping… yay!  They didn’t take too long to arrive into the UK, probably around the 10 days mark but I’m sure it differs depending on when and what you order.

First of all I love the packaging, I think Kylie has designed some beautiful and signature products that almost everyone in the beauty community now easily recognises.  The box the products come in was recently re-packaged as I think there was a problem with it being easily identified and possibly experienced some theft issues.  The inside of the box was well padded with foam and comes with a little message from Kylie herself thanking you for purchasing from her.

Firstly, I chose the shade KOKO K, a pale pink shade which I utterly adore.  It is a stunning soft pink that I was actually initially worried about being a bit too pink for my skin tone but I’m totally obsessed with it!  I also went for CANDY K, which is another beautiful soft, pinky nude that I convinced myself I had to have because it was one of the first shades launched and is just absolutely gorgeous.  Next up is DOLCE K, which is a deep beige nude shade and is just a beautiful shade which I shall most likely pair with a golden smokey eye.  I ventured into the world of the ‘pink pinks’ and picked out POSIE K, a berry toned pink, and I’m glad I did because I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this shade. Finally, as a Halloween special, I also received the Matte Metal Lipstick in the shade KYMAJESTY, which is a blue-toned black, metallic lipstick with silvery, blue pieces of glitter in.  I have absolutely NO idea when or if I’ll ever wear this out in public (apart from next Halloween perhaps?!).

Now onto the all important bit – the formula!  I was actually really surprised by how lightweight the formula is, it almost feels a little runny.  The product applies really evenly and dries to a beautiful matte finish really quickly.  I’m super impressed with the pigmentation and the longevity of the products, and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of (almost) each shade.

A lot of people have been ‘put off’ by the cost of the products considering the added shipping and customs fees.  It is definitely something to consider before making an order and be sure to check out the Royal Mail link for more information.

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